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What Makes Preschool the Right Choice

Are you excited that your child is of age to go to preschool and anxious at the same time because you are not sure of the right preschool to choose? Take your time and consider the following factors when selecting a preschool.

Determine types of teaching programs the staff implements in that preschool. Parent co-ops is a teaching approach the involves the parent in the learning process of the child through their preschool life. Reggio Emilia approach takes the child through projects in art and other activities that interest the child which will enable the child to learn community service and expressing themselves. The Montessori program enables the children to learn more about nature and develop their creativity as they learn by doing with their hands under the observation of a Montessori certified teacher.

Bank street approach will develop the child mentally, emotionally, socially and physically through sports like building blocks, puzzles, dramatic play and more. Waldorf approach natures the interests of the child through creative hands-on group learning with the guidance of a Waldorf certified teacher. High Scope curriculum is a hands-on teaching approach that trains the child to adapt to a daily classroom routine and learn basic subjects of science, math and reading.

After the satisfaction that the preschool offers all the above-mentioned programs consider the personality of your child because not all programs are suitable for the child. You should not worry so much about this because when you get a preschool that has highly trained staff who are friendly, you can explain to them the personality and learning style of your child for them to engage the child in appropriate learning programs.

Decide if the child should go to a full or half-day preschool after taking into consideration the age of the child, energy level, maturity, individual needs of the child such as disabilities, allergies, chronic illnesses and more. Is there someone to take care of the child when they get home from half-day preschool? Help the child to get used to the learning process when you take them to a half-day preschool by helping them to learn through physical activity, reading, and craft projects after school.

The environment of the preschool should be appealing. The preschool should not be so far away from home because that will not only inconvenience you when dropping and picking up the child but also demoralize the kid from going to school. The location of the preschool should be secure and safe from air, water, noise, and all other environmental pollutants. There should be enough security guards in the preschool who are backed with enough advanced security systems like emergency alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and more. The preschool should have resources like dispensaries, washrooms, playgrounds, classrooms, teachers, cleaners and more to accommodate the number of children they have.

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