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Advantages of Hydroponics

It is important to note that when the plants are grown hydroponically, there is better space allocation. Growing of plants hydroponically only required a quarter of the space that is required for soil grown plants. What this means is that more plants can be grown on a small piece of land which could not be possible with the traditional planting methods on the soil. The cost of growing plants hydroponically is cost-effective and the produce is normally high compared to the plants grown on the soil. The roots of the hydroponically grown plants are in direct contact with the nutrients and soil.

The best benefit of hydroponics is that no soil is needed at all for growing plants. At one time in point, people could imagine that a plant could be grown without the need for the soil and now it is a reality. The list of benefits of farming without the use of soil is endless. It should be remembered that different plants do well in different soil types. The soil modification process for a particular plant is time-consuming and costly. It does not matter whether you are located in a place where the soil cannot support any type of plant, with hydroponics, you can literally grow any type of plant you want.

It is also important to consider planting your produces hydroponically because this process saves more water compared to soil grown plants. Researchers indicate that the amount of water required for growing hydroponic plants only need five to ten percent of water used on soil grown plants. This means that hydroponics are suitable for areas that do not have adequate water such as arid and semi-arid regions. Water is recirculated in the hydroponics to ensure that there is water conservation. The main cause of water wastage in hydroponic system is through system leakage which can simply be repaired.
Climate control is possible with hydroponics due to the fact that it is possible to control the hydroponic environment. Factors that determine the growth of a plant such as the temperature, air composition, light intensity and duration can be controlled.
Hydroponics also help to accelerate the growth of the plants. The hydroponic system is good for the health of the plant and fast plant growth. The plants do not struggle for nutrients in hydroponic system and all the energy is directed towards producing fruits and the plant itself.

Lastly, in the hydroponic farming system, there is no to worry about weeds, pests or diseases. The weeding process is expensive in terms of time and money. The growth of a plant on the soil can be hampered especially when the weeds which normally compete with the plants for minerals and water are available. There is no need to buy pesticides and herbicides for pests and weeds when using the hydroponic system.

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