6 Ways To Save Money By Servicing Your Car Yourself

In most cases, an oil change requires only a few tools found at your neighborhood auto parts shop. While these items are quite common and simple, they can easily save you quite a bit of money in maintenance costs if you’ve decided to tend to the vehicle on your own. In this article, we will outline the items necessary to complete your own oil change.

This may cause the thermostat to close or open incorrectly, or the water propeller to spin freely in a complete dry chamber. If any of these problems occur, are enough to permanently destroy your engine since overheating comes in a couple of minutes after the cooling system failed. Thankfully any vehicle owner can simply eliminate the air inside the radiator by following some steps.

If you’re raising your vehicle, always use jack stands. Resist the temptation to rely on the suelo hidraulico. It’s not sturdy enough. It should not be counted upon to support the weight of your car.

Once the front of the vehicle is securely supported, crawl under it and locate the oil pan on the bottom of the engine. Usually near the front center of the vehicle and slightly behind or between the front tires. Consult your owners manual or search for a diagram online if you can’t find it. Locate the drain plug.

It can’t be stated too many times, so I’ll say it again, buy the best tools and gear you can afford. You will save some green in the long run. Once you’ve accumulated all the items on the list, you’ll be well equipped to repair many things on your vehicle(s). Shop around. Browse the web to do cost comparisons and to get more details on what’s available in the marketplace.

I set the compressor at 40 PSI and slowly inflated the tire, soon I heard some small pops, three in all I think and the bead seated on both sides, neat as you please! Take cautions when doing this, don’t be bending over the tire, or have fingers anywhere near the rim and such! This Metzeler came with a line indicator all around the tire and all I had to do is make sure it was even with the rims. Easy. I even bounced the tires a bit while rotating it to ensure the beads were seated.

I suggest you start by making a list of a few parts you are considering. Then research which ones work best for your vehicle and which order you would like to add them. Lastly, it is worth it to shop around online. Spending half an hour online comparing a few shops can save you a few hundred bucks.

You just saved yourself a few bucks and you have the satisfaction of knowing this project was done right. Order your oil and filter today and start making plans for changing it next weekend.

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6 Ways To Save Money By Servicing Your Car Yourself

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