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Bee Propolis

The beneficial effects of bee pollen are familiar, and many of us are already taking advantage of this “superfood” by frequently consuming bee pollen as a food supplement. But, bees produce many alternative byproducts that can be equally beneficial.

Propolis is one such byproduct; this is a resinous substance that honey bees collect from numerous sources, as well as tree buds and sap flows. Bees use this resin as a sealant in their hives, typically to fill in little gaps that are six millimeters wide or less. (Bees use beeswax to plug larger gaps.) Propolis can be sticky at space temperatures; when it’s cold out, propolis gets exhausting and brittle.

Bees themselves derive tremendous benefit from propolis. It reinforces the structural stability of their beehives. It makes the hives additional easily defended, preventing parasites from entering. It reduces vibrations at intervals the hive. The chemical content of propolis can vary depending on region; generally, it’s fifty five % resins and balms (like flavenoids), thirty % fatty acids and waxes, 10 % essential oils, and five % protein, in the shape of bee pollen. There are various trace elements and other nutrients present as well.

For humans, the first profit of propolis is as an antibiotic. The bioflavenoids gift in propolis strengthen the body’s immune system, enhancing our resistance to disease; propolis supplements the effectiveness of vitamin C and stimulates enzyme formation. Some research suggests that propolis can act against the varied bacteria that cause pneumonia, salmonellosis, influenza, herpes, tuberculosis, and other diseases. It can conjointly act as an antifungal agent.

Chemically, propolis works in an exceedingly fashion just like prescription antibiotics, by breaking down the walls and cytoplasm of bacteria cells and preventing bacterial cell division. But, because it’s a natural substance, propolis will be part of a preventative health care program and will be taken daily. There aren’t any known aspect effects, though if you’re allergic to bee stings or tree resin, confer with a health care practitioner before taking propolis. The body cannot build up natural resistance to propolis as it can to prescription medications. And propolis has been shown to counteract some viruses and fungi also bacteria.

Propolis is instantly on the market in capsules or tablets. However, you’ll be able to consume propolis in its raw state by purchasing chunks, that have sometimes been cold processed to get rid of beeswax and impurities; chew the raw propolis and wash it down with some water. (This can also facilitate relieve a sore throat.) The style is strong and bitter, so it would possibly be easier to mix propolis with fruit juice, honey, or milk. Do NOT mix propolis with coffee, tea, or a carbonated beverage; these drinks could impede the effectiveness of propolis.

Propolis is sold in varied different forms, for different purposes. Propolis cream provides each the germ killing properties of propolis and therefore the healing properties of aloe vera; you’ll be able to apply propolis cream as a skin moisturizer or to heal skin irritations, cuts, and burns. Propolis mouthwash can facilitate prevent dangerous breath and gum problems, and shorten healing time once oral surgery. Typically, propolis mouthwash is heavily focused and sold in small vials; mix some drops in a very [*fr1]-glass of water and drink.

While bee pollen is primarily seen as a source of supplementary nutrition, propolis is consumed for prevention and treatment of disease, as an antibiotic. They share some ingredients, however these two bee byproducts are complementary and will be taken simultaneously. There are several products available, after all, that combine bee pollen with propolis in capsule form. While easy to consume, the method of encapsulation might compromise the complete effectiveness of bee pollen.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) – Tea Tree Oil Uses

Discover the many benefits and uses of tea tree oil! What is tea tree oil? It is a, pale, light yellow to nearly clear colored, natural, essential oil that has been squeezed out of steamed leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia. Tea trees are a large group of plants native to the northeast coast of Australia. Tea tree, itself, has a strong fragrance with a similar scent to nutmeg. Tea tree oil is, also, known as melaleuca oil.

Tea tree oil is a concentrated essential oil. When working with or using essential oils know that they contain bioactive ingredients. This means they contain natural chemicals that interact with biological systems. They are potent chemicals and should be respected and used with care. There are many warnings to heed when using essential oils.
Never use large amounts of these oils externally, or internally. Never use them straight. They must always be diluted in carrier oil, or soap, lotion, or other buffering agent. Finally, never use essential oils without knowing what their bioactive compounds are known to do.

Tea tree oil should never be taken orally. There are reports of toxicity after consuming tea tree oil by mouth. When swallowed, it can cause drowsiness, confusion, weakness, vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, hallucinations, coma and more.

In rare cases, tea tree oil has reported to be mildly irritating when applied to the skin, therefore could be associated with the development of allergic contact dermatitis. This would limit its potential usefulness, as a topical agent, for some people.

Tea tree oil should always be kept away from children and pets.

The uses and benefits of tea tree oil are many including being: antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Tea tree oil is known to help respiratory problems including sore throats, coughs, runny nose, asthma, bronchitis, and more. It is, also, known to help fight viruses including chicken pox, flu, cold, measles, shingles, cold sores, warts, and more. It is used in topical treatments for a variety of skin care conditions including: moderate acne, oily skin, rashes, blisters, athlete’s foot, ringworm, burns, cuts, minor wounds, infections, eczema, dandruff, scabies, head lice, as an anti-inflammatory and more. There are many benefits and uses of tea tree oil.

The tea tree oil uses are found in many commercial and homemade skin care products including: soap, lotion, cream and shampoo. It has aromatherapy benefits by relieving aches, pains, stress and tension. The tea tree oil uses vary and its benefits are many.

There is a homemade, natural, goats milk soap containing a combination of orange oil, five times distilled, tea tree oil from Australia and a touch of lavender oil. This natural soap is a great anti-bacterial addition to just about any homemade beauty products. It makes a wonderful natural deodorant soap! Orange Tree goats milk soap comes in homemade bar soap and homemade liquid soap. It really smells good and is among the all time best sellers in natural, homemade, soap. Natural goats milk soap provides a variety of skin care benefits!

Gene-Eden Out of Stock Due to High Demand, More Available Soon

In 2009, Dr. Hanan Polansky discovered the Starved Gene Phenomenon. This discovery provided enlightenment on how chronic or latent viruses’ genetic material causes many chronic diseases but does not damage or cause mutation of the human DNA. The study got the attention of many other scientists, universities and governments of different countries which led to its reviews for effectiveness and eventually to a patent award.

From Dr. Polansky’s study, Gene Eden was developed. Gene Eden is an anti-viral supplement with five natural ingredients: Camellia Sinensis Extract, Quercetin, Licorice Extract, Cinnamon Extract, and Selenium. It underwent extensive research and development to ensure that its ingredients are safe and effective so it can deliver what it promises, that is, to provide a supplement with strong anti-viral effects to combat chronic diseases at their latent phase. This leads to reduced viral concentrations, or in other words, making viruses harmless.

Gene-Eden has been true to its word. Since its manufacture it has ceaselessly provided protection and energy for the immune system for thousands of its users. Testimonies and reviews not only come from customers but from many other scientists and doctors as well, who have given positive feedback and comments about the use of Gene-Eden during the first stages of viral infection and in the maintenance period. Improvements and prevention of diseases caused by viruses like Hepatitis Virus (Hepatitis C Virus, Hep C, HCV, Hepatitis B Virus, Hep B, HBV, etc), Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) have been experienced by customers worldwide. Customers also testify to the continuous energy, relief from pain, improvement on sleep patterns as well as glucose and cholesterol levels, and overall better health. Many recommendations have been given for its continued use. Gene-Eden is hard to compare to any other product of its kind. These acknowledgements and revelations are all over Amazon and other review sites on the internet.

Because of the positive response from customers and scientists, continuous studies about its effectiveness against other forms of illness and disease are still being conducted. High demand for Gene-Eden has led to the VIR-101 formula being temporarily out-of-stock. polyDNA, the makers of Gene-Eden do not want to disappoint their patrons, so it is currently notifying all customers that back orders are now being placed and that the next shipment will arrive within the next few weeks. PolyDNA asks for your patience and sincerely apologizes about the matter at hand.

The best treatment of cold sores

Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are painful sores that crop up on or around the lip or nasal area. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. The first infection may have the symptoms of swollen glands, a general feeling of being unwell and painful mouth ulcers, most of the world’s population carries the virus whether they ever have an outbreak or not. Cold sores typically last for two weeks, and sometimes spread before the healing process begins. It is believed that approximately 80% of Americans have the cold sore virus. Discover some of the latest Cold Sore Treatment tips you can use immediately. Go to Cold sores or fever blisters.

The first thing you have to understand is the steps that a cold sore go through. Basically you have the initial stage where you feel a tingling sensation but don’t see any sort all. This will typically last for a few days and then you’ll actually see the sore. Eventually the sore will crack open and start oozing. This is the most contagious part of the outbreak. There is a very high chance that it will spread and create new sores. It is very important to keep clean at this time so you don’t spread it.

Prevention is not really about the best thing you can do. Since this is a virus it has to be fought by your immune system. You end up with an outbreak when your immune system is weak. That is what creates the favorable conditions to spread. That means if you recently had a cold or you’ve been stressed out you’re going to have a weak immune system. The best thing you can do is live at healthy lifestyle because that is the best way to keep your immune system strong.

Taking vitamin A and vitamin C can also help you to cure your cold sores. Get rid of your sores by eating health food. You should prevent yourself from having a breakout. Eating yogurt will help you to minimize your chance of spreading your sores.

Each serving of these food products will raise your arginine levels. Tree nuts and field-grown nuts. Most common grains such as wheat and oats give you more arginine than lysine. Seeds also contribute to cold sore outbreaks with high arginine levels – including sunflower and flax. Vegetables, such as cabbage, radishes, potatoes and beans also encourage cold sores. Chocolate is extremely rich in arginine.

The best cold sore treatment is cleanliness. Cold sores have one specific purpose; spreading. This is a viral problem, so the best thing you can do is prevent the spreading. Keep the sore clean and dry. Try and wash your hands on a regular basis. Also don’t poke it with your finger or tongue because you’re just aggravating it.

Reducing your arginine supplies by increasing lysine intake is a trick many folks use to stop herpes virus activity and support quick healing. It can also prevent future cold sore events by starving the herpes virus of the fuel it needs.

Large selections of very good cold sore treatment options are available. Most drug store over-the-counter cold sore remedies are primarily comfort treatments and will do little to heal or prevent cold sores.

Herpes Compounds that Actually Work.

Herpes is now the most common virus of the mucous membranes or skin. The resulting blisters from this infection are often burning, painful and tend to manifest in most people. Prescription drugs like acyclovir or valtrex can assist an outbreak to heal but can also cause a wide array of bad side effects, including renal failure, hepatitis, and anaphylaxis.

Viruxo is the most advanced herpes tablet available without a prescription. Viruxo is an exact combination of non-synthetic compounds that cause no side effects and have wonderful results. The key to suppressing herpes is attacking it from all 4 angles called “QuadDefeat”. Alter it by starving it, keep it from replicating, strengthen the environment of the mucous membranes (skin) and the entire immune system.
To stop it from Replicating, Zinc ions have been shown to provide your body the ability to end the replication of HSV. Even at low concentrations the effects were drastic and appeared to result from selective inhibition of the viral DNA polymerase. Not only does zinc ions provide the body a direct tool against the Herpes, but its immune-enhancing activities include regulation of T lymphocytes, CD4, natural killer cells, and interleukin II. Also, zinc has been claimed to possess antiviral associations.

Viruxo will help starve the infection.
Herpes synthesizes proteins that contain a higher arginine to lysine ratio than that of the host cells. The arginine is a required element for HSV to replicate. Lysine can cause your body to neutralize arginine in several different ways: performs as an antimetabolite of arginine. competes with arginine for reabsorption at the renal tubule, thereby increasing arginine excretion competes with arginine for intestinal absorption induces the enzyme arginase, resulting in degradation of arginine competes with arginine for transport into cells.
Viruxo will Strengthen the Environment
A synergistic mix of certain anti-oxidants, vitamins and Bioflavonoids fuel your mucous membranes (skin) to be a difficult place for HSV to develop. A precise mixture of Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids strengthens the skin to inhibit the formation and bursting of the blisters BEFORE THEY BEGIN! Adding this with rutin, another bioflavonoid, takes this prevention to a whole new level. If an outbreak would occur, your skin would be stockpiled with everything it needs to help defeat the virus quickly! Panthothenic Acid, Folic Acid and Biotin existing in the system during the start of a breakout provide the skin perfect tools to repair and heal quickly.

Viruxo will boost your immune system.
If you are not having an outbreak, it is probably because your immune system is keeping the virus in check. It is said the immune systems function at a fraction of their potential through traditional diet. Taking Viruxo will actually boost your immune system giving it the ability to defeat the virus through its precise combination of ingredients. Your body’s ability to get on top of HSV and control recurrences is directly related to the state of your immune system. Without a strong immune system the body can become overwhelmed by HSV, sometimes allowing severe and persistent outbreaks to occur.
Your immune system is the very reason why many symptoms (such as fever, headaches and flu-like illness) are commonly only experienced during the “primary” outbreak or first exposure to the virus. During a first episode, the immune system produces antibodies and other weapons against the Herpes virus. During a recurrence, then, this “immune memory” can help to fight off infection more quickly. As a result, as time goes on there are usually fewer sores, they heal faster, and the outbreak is less painful. If you use Viruxo to create a healthy immune system, you can expect to have greater control over the herpes virus and any symptoms that go with it. This can mean fewer sores, longer spaces in between each episode and less severe symptoms when they happen.
Until there is a cure for herpes, there is no need to suffer. Viruxo can help you stay free of future outbreaks

.What About other available HSV Treatments to control or cure outbreaks?
Although there is no known cure for Herpes, some new drugs have been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency and duration of an outbreak. It is always a good idea to discuss options for viral treatment with your doctor.
During a Herpes outbreak, keep the infected area as clean and dry as possible. This will help your body’s own natural healing processes. Some doctors recommend warm showers with soap in order to cleanse the infected area. Afterwords, gently towel dry, or dry the area with a hair dryer on a low or cool setting. To prevent chaffing, some people also find it helpful to wear cotton undergarments and avoid tight-fitting cloths. Most topical creams and lotions do not help and may hinder your body’s healing process.
The most important factor in controlling an outbreak, is a healthy immune system. Don’t ignore the need for proper nutrition, exercise, proper anti-viral supplements and proper rest, in your quest for a treatment.