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For several weeks I’ve been listening to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) tell all who will listen that he opposes the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill because it puts amnesty first and enforcement in Promise Land.

This was a great quote in a film filled with great quote. Said after the gang blows up an entire train car trying to blow open a safe, it’s the line I always use whenever I’m in a situation where we went a little overboard trying to accomplish a simple task. And most would admit that anytime you get two or more guys together trying to do something, the potential for that is very high.

But if you also want a payroll job then you have to make sure that you have a mind which is calculative. Everyone knows that pay roll jobs include lots and lots of mathematics and calculations hence in order to get through this you will need a very cool head. When you join a particular job you will need to look at the safety as well as the security of the job which you apply for. But apart from this you also have to look at the salary of the job which is usually the first thing most workers look at.

Spending over $200 at the grocery store to save $30 is similar to deducting mortgage interest expense off your U.S. Federal Tax Return. You spend a dollar on your home to save 30 cents (or whatever tax bracket you’re in…28%, 30% 33%, 35%, 45%…) on the tax deduction.

4) The best way to start off in a payroll career is by an entry level payroll jobs job. Remember as a novice in this field you have a lot to learn from your experiences. On the job training is one of the best and fastest ways to learn more about this field. So aim for the skies but take it slow. Climb the steps to success slowly and steadily.

Let’s say that you were told by someone who should know that your customer service department was telling customers that the company had instituted a “no returns” policy.

Set aside an outfit that you know you’re comfortable in and makes you feel confident. If the employer does not specify what the dress code is, assume it’s BUSINESS CASUAL and plan to dress a little nicer than that!

Consider this…. the fastest way to get new patients is to host screening events in your marketplace. If you screen 10 people and sign up 2 new patients, you have a 20% close ratio. Improve your “scripting” your sales skills and close 4 new patients out of 10 screenings and you have double your new patient production in just one area of marketing. So instead of having to screen 35 people to get your extra 7 new patients, you only have to screen 20 people! Less work and another $15,000 to your bottom line!

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