Vindiaction- College Football Edition!

Rodriguez was fired last January after three years as Michigan coach. His record with the Wolverines was 15-22, the worst stretch of Michigan football in a generation.

Twenty-one people have gotten sick from E. coli between July 20 and October 10, in incidents that may be related to the pizzas. The people were from Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vinyl Windows Virginia, and Wisconsin. All of them have recovered.

A friend told me about a secretary at his old firm, who posted on Facebook as her profile update: “Idiot boss just came in and asked me to do something. Blah Blah Blah Blah. I work for a moron.”Moron, maybe… but a self promoting associate saw the post moments later and shared it with idiot boss, who promptly asked said secretary to pack her things and leave.

Shortly after that battle, McLean decided to move his family 120 miles farther south to escape the effects of the ongoing conflict. He selected a place called Appomattox Court House. As we all know from history, this is the place where Lee surrendered to Grant to end the war. What most of us probably didn’t know is that Wilmer McLean’s home was chosen as the place for Lee and Grant to meet and conduct the official ceremony.

Juanita: Paul, it appears that you like to set your novels in places you’ve lived or visited. Would you comment on your use of familiar settings and how important you feel it is to bring this element of reality into a novel?

You know the answer to that one! You suddenly would have a lot less members. So, using the membership funding technique to increase your funding isn’t going to work.

A much more applicable Civil War example of one’s sins finding them out would have been President Abraham Lincoln, who sinned against God and his countrymen by thumbing his nose at the Constitution and suspending its habeas corpus protections. His sins caught up with him at little place called Ford’s Theater.

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