Where Does Domestic Violence Come From?

What is domestic violence? Does it have a cause? If it does, can one avoid it? This article is written from a Dianetics perspective, and the answer to the above is yes. Dianetics means through-mind, and is drug free.

How do we eliminate violence against women, particularly violence against women training? I believe it starts with all of us. We as a society must empower her. Too often you will hear, “if he was beating her why didn’t she just leave?” Or “If he degraded, belittled and humiliated her, why didn’t she just walk out the door?” The answer is simple, she couldn’t. A victim of domestic abuse is no longer a participant in her own life. To understand this you need to understand the characteristics of abuse.

It was then that things went out of control. Huera ran into one of their police units and a fight occurred. Police tried to break up the dog fight and said they were forced to shoot Huera.

Many cheating partners also exhibit slight or sometimes major behavioral changes when they are around the person they are cheating with. Some of the changes include becoming talkative, active, being over excited and interesting among many others. Sometimes they also form a tendency of coming home late and always have excuses whenever you ask where they have come from. This applies mostly to cheating husbands.

Some of these questions address very serious issues that are actually felonies in the eyes of the law. Some of us put ourselves in harm’s way believing that we can “change” the other person or learn to live with the actions that cause us harm.

Clara Bow, with her heart shaped face, cupid-bow lips and flaming red hair was the original “it Girl.” There is no real definition for “It Girl,” but everyone knows it when they see it. Reportedly, Clara Bow bestowed her “It Girl” status on a young starlet named Marilyn Monroe. Since Marilyn Monroe, a blond bombshell of Hollywood, died, there have been other “It Girls.” “It Girl” status has been bestowed on the young party girls who come and go through Hollywood, such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Bad news sells, good news doesn’t. So the newspapers, television and (increasingly) internet news channels will major on bad news. And violence is part and parcel of that.

If you have to, contact a women’s shelter or counseling center to help you with your situation. They will have various resources to help you financially and emotionally.

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