Batman: Arkham City Trailer Teams Up Batman And Joker

The new Batman film “The Dark Knight” had its World Premiere at Navy Pier in Chicago on Wednesday, July 16th, and I was there. The screaming fans in front of the entrance got to see Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and the film’s director and writer, Christopher Nolan (“Memento”) who wrote the script once again with Jonathan Nolan (as they did for “Memento”) and whose soaring vision displays Chicago to good effect.

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Lost Carnival brought a few songs from joker gaming and mixed it with some new tunes creating a combination of 80’s style flare with a touch of the carnival life that was so anticipated in the 1800’s. They bring one thrilling, rock n roll filled extravaganza of… shall we say carnivalistic proportions to the stage, always delighting concert goers.

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Not to be confused with “Hulk” which was mentioned above, this 2008 soft re-boot of the Hulk franchise is actually really good. While not a sequel this film moves forward without invalidating anything from the previous film. The movie explores the fragile psyche of Bruce Banner; evokes the best of the Bill Bixby television series and has incredible (no pun intended) fight scenes with the Abomination. Plus the love story with Betty Ross is kept to a minimum. What more can anyone ask for in a super-hero movie? The only thing I can think of would have been a been a cameo from Wolverine.

This value shows that you have a broad vision of what needs to be done. You are not a detail person. You are idealistic and considerate of your fellow man when making plans.

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