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Roku is a streaming media player that plays video, music, and other media. Roku connects your TV to an amazing amount of content with no computer required. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection. Roku can be set-up in as little as 5 minutes and is simple to use. Also, because it streams the media directly from the Internet to your TV, there is no need to wait for downloads. Your favorite media is available instantly.

Hulu offers a large selection of television shows, movie trailers, uploaded videos and video game trailers for free. For $7.99 a month you can upgrade to Hulu plus that also gives you access to critically acclaimed movies, such as, Fairhaven and Good Will Hunting. Hulu plus can also be accessed on most game console, mobile devices and smart televisions making it an alternative to both netflix cookies and Amazon Prime.

In the wake of NBC’s departure from iTunes came a new kind of service from the combined forces of NBC and News Corp.: Hulu. Launched March 12, 2008, Hulu is an ad-supported free content service which allows users to watch hundreds of television shows and movies on-demand on their PC or Mac. Much in the same way that some networks (e.g. NBC, CBS) are offering free video-on-demand (VOD) on their websites, Hulu streams content to your computer that you can watch as many times as you want and as long as you want.

Hulu is not meant to be a replacement for iTunes or similar services. You can not purchase to own content from Hulu. And since content is streamed and not downloaded, it can not be synced to an iPod or similar portable media device. The content is streamed to the user’s computer so it can be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer (via the monitor). It can be viewed on a television if the user has means for hooking his computer to his television thus using the TV as a monitor. With that understanding, Hulu would be most useful to users who travel with a laptop and do not mind watching streaming content on a laptop or those who do not mind watching content on their desktop computer monitors. Keep in mind that a high-speed internet connection is required to stream the content from Hulu.

So by being able to watch the movie right away, you can receive and return them a lot faster hence, watch more movies. And you have a number of ways in which you can watch these movies instantly.

Live below your means. If you’re a two earner income family, get into the habit of living entirely on one contributors income. I know, it sounds a bit outrageous to pull this off, but you’ll be surprised when you realize that the majority of your purchases are “wants” and not “needs”.

From the split, plummeted stock, and an apology straight from the CEO of Netflix, is it too late? Can Netflix recover from the damage they have cause or can they regain people with the promise of something new? Only time will tell, but it doesn’t seem as if Netflix has time on their side.

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