How To Create An Outdoor Family Room

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Everyone has seen the story of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. She’s a young girl who went on a magical adventure to the land of Oz only to realize that she had everything she wanted in her own backyard. Do you feel that you have everything you want in your own backyard? No? Why not? You would if you knew how easy it was to make your backyard your escape from the world.

Reorganize your kitchen for the cooler months ahead. Clear the countertops and clean out those cabinets. Begin thinking Thanksgiving because before you know it, it will be here. Do you have all the baking supplies and utensils you will need for the holidays and do you have other supplies whose expiration dates have all but gone with the wind?

For an authentic smokehouse flavor at home, consider a slow cooking charcoal smoker. You can cook a small turkey and a ham at the same time, or one big bird. With moisture and air flow controls, your meat stays tender and juicy.

Teak wood is expensive because it is in high demand and it requires tedious processing. Teak trees are aged 30 to 50 years and then stripped of their bark for three years, as they die a lasting death. The trees are then, cut down. Then the wood is kiln dried for eight months until most of the moisture is gone. Once the wood is dry, the lumber is sliced.

Furniture should be comfortable and easy to care for. Consider high winds and rain and be prepared to store or purchase covers for the seats so that they can be kept dry in inclement weather. An ambiance can be created by using patio fire pits. These pits come in a variety of styles and shapes. They are a great center piece for Patio furniture. They can create a style that blends or have a unique look that stands out. They even come as fire pit tables. Solar powered fountains and lighting are also great ideas for patios. Driving around various neighborhoods can give you great ideas for patios. Searching online as well as looking through magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens is a good resource of ideas for patios.

The reason you can get a good price at the beginning of the season is that this is a time when inventories are often at their max. Stores have the old inventory still taking up the showroom floor while all the new pieces are showing up. This can mean they have far too much furniture to fit in the space they have so they need to move some of it out the door to make room.

Consider your patio or porch an extension of your house. Just as you would decorate your living room, choose furniture and accessories that suit your style so you and your guests can enjoy outdoor living.

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How To Create An Outdoor Family Room

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