This Week In La Buddhism March 16

The next room you go to will be filled with Angels and Angels will be at your side with every step you take today. The Angels are with us and are eager to help us.

I find that people are people no matter where they live. You will have culture differences, but the their motivation is still the same everywhere. Take for instance my wife comes from Thailand. The older generations value family very highly. Unlike here in the US where there is a breakup of most families. So the older Thai ladies have a very strong sense of family.

Only moment to moment awareness, untainted and clear, offers freedom. Anything else offers no freedom. Looking forward, looking back, attaching to our thoughts, emotions, our problems and our selves, these only cause constant conflict and stress that can’t be resolved.

At first I wasn’t going to review this but after giving it a second read and some deeper thought, it clearly earned its spot on Reading For Your Success. Jaimal tells his story of what he’s learned about life on the sea through a book’s worth of stories, adventures and mistakes. Amazingly, his stories, even though told in chronological order, manage to have the seamless flow like they were written just for him to live. The fun spin is that Jaimal has spent years studying Zen zen baltimore and shows us how closely linked it is to surfing and in turn to life. His calm and “Now” approach to life is something to be admired.

If we think about the final moments of life, when everything that we have strived for begins to fade into oblivion, we know that many times a peacefulness takes over our consciousness (if we have lived a good life!). So why is it okay to let go of everything then, and not while we are living?

Often I resist tasks that seem like they are going to consume my life and keep me forever from doing other stuff that I enjoy more. If that is how you feel [awareness] then set an ending time. When the kitchen is a mess, and I hate kitchen clean up, I set an ending time. “I will work on this for one hour, and then I will do THIS for an hour. Maybe I’m not done. Maybe I want to paint, or write, rather than do some household chore, but if I set an ending time, and dangle some carrot [some reward] before me, I am more willing to do what I’ve been resisting doing.

There are many more pilgrimage sites around the world…. there’s no way we could begin to tell you about all of them here. We’re not suggesting that you take a pilgrimage, but these cities certainly could call to you… and why not answer… and visit one of them.

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