To Love Or Hate Crash Diets

Getting a puppy simply because the children want one, is not the right reason. This is especially true, if neither parent has any experience with pets.

It is this: Future oil supplies are likely much smaller than previously believed. When that news is officially released the $200 per barrel ceiling will likely be broken. Current gas prices will look like bargain prices then.

I honestly don’t know who made this diet up, but when you think about it, it makes little to no sense. Everyone knows that if you have 100g of fat, 100g of protein, and 100g of carbs all lined up on the table – it is the fat should be avoided due to the high kilojoule content, not the protein or the carbs. In fact, carbs by themselves are very low kilojoule. I’ve never been able to work this one out!

Drink up. A vast majority of Americans don’t get all the water they need. What’s the connection to your mood? Dehydration can cause fatigue and symptoms of low energy, which can exacerbate those winter blues! Make sure you’re getting enough water in your daily routine.

Let’s be honest – who of us has not attempted counting our calorie (kilojoule) intake at some point in the past? I know I have. It can sort of be fun at first, but after a few days of it you seriously start to go loony! Keeping this up requires a massive amount of work, not to mention a lot of time involved in reading food labels and recipe energy content, recording your energy consumed, and calculating your new daily total with each consumed addition! If you want to remain reasonably sane, then counting calories to lose weight is NOT the way to go! I’d stay clear from this idea altogether.

Exercise can reverse this energy drain. It increases cardiovascular efficiency, pumping more blood through the body and therefore greater amounts of oxygen, increasing the metabolic efficiency of the cells and the body as a whole.

In my observations, raw foodists do seem to exhibit a high level of health. They generally appear more energetic, have clear skin and rarely have weight problems. There does seem to be some difference between them though. Some raw food diets are more heavy in raw oils such, as nuts coconut oil and avocado. These fats are absolutely vital but people who over consume them do not always experience the extreme benefits as others.

But the good news – (yes, finally there is some good news) – is that by simply correcting your chewing habits, you can open the energy floodgates by freeing up energy that was already there!

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To Love Or Hate Crash Diets

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